4 | Earth Watch
The “Maple Leaf Forever” falling prey to Tent Caterpillars; the axe falls on INCO; Limestone Islands become lucky number 13; the drainage ditch blues; a tern for the worse; “nuisance” animals; Ontario’s budworm control: saintly or sinful?; new homes for Hydro hawks; environmental assessment for Port Maitland marshes; the Ogoki-Albany: another threatened wilderness; Backus Woods threatened; reports available on acid rain and wetlands.

9 | Notes
Campfile tales; conservation lottery again successful.

45 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Mid-winter waterfowl inventory; project progress and reports.

46 | Groundswell
Forests as tree factories.
By Ron Reid


14 | Game of Letters
The art of writing indignant letters to politicians is not lost. Anyone can let their pen do some effective protesting.
By Ron Reid

On the cover
18 | Wild About the City
Whether you see raccoons as pests of pets, you’d better adjust to their taking up city residence as they’re here to stay.
By Catharine Collins

22 | Last Chance for Oriskany
An ancient slab of exposed bedrock, millions of years old, and its surrounding landscape, are being turned into gravel.
By Dianne Fahselt

26 | The Lure of Fur
Thousands of wild animals lose their skins in the fur trapping market each year. How does it effect their populations?
By Daniel Johns

30 | Erratic
Do you “measure out you life with coffee spoons”? Would you change if you knew you had only months left to live?
By Wayland Drew

Seasons winter 1980 full issue

Photos © Vic Crich, Jamie Ruggles, Wayne Lankinen, Bill Ivy

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