4 | President’s Page
The environmental political arena: Let’s get in and mix it up.
By Doug Thomas

7 | Earth Watch
“Irresistibly natural” birds for sale; mediation to save Creditview Bog?; Algonquin needs more protection; Lake Superior Park under review; toxic turtles; Pembroke’s swallows missing; TBT banned on small boats; spraying BT, and only BT.

14 | Around Ontario
Securing the Bruce Trail; rare bird alert.

40 | Notes
Conservation stamp and print now available; reserves need new blood; education program.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
What’s the best field guide? Two top birders compare notes.
By Doug McRae and Nick Escott

46 | Groundswell
A vision of Ontario where development does not mean destruction.
By Marion Strebig


15 | The World Under Our Feet
There is more life beneath the earth than above it. How soil animals live, eat and travel.
By Stuart B. Hill

20 | The Sleeping Giant
Guided tours of Sleeping Giant Park are just one of the highlights of the FON’s 1990 Conference, “Naturally Superior.”
By Shan Walshe

26 | Midwinter’s Night Freeze
Camping alone in the Algonquin wilds: what better way to witness the precise moment of the winter solstice?
By Graham Elliott Hitchins

31 | New Ideas About Old Growth
The findings of a forest ecologist working in Temagami refute foresters’ traditional arguments for cutting old growth.
By Brad Cundiff

Seasons winter 1989 full issue

Photos © J.D. Taylor, Ian Mackenzie, Robert McCaw

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