Summer 2006

Children are the most at risk from pollutants. By Victoria Foote
The province’s record on the boreal forest; urban sprawl plays leapfrog; First Nations ask for mining moratorium
Drawing from his Ugandan heritage, Yuga Juma Onziga has created a global village in the heart of a big city by Allan Britnell
Green roofs are sprouting up in urban centres around the province, creating mini-ecosystems where you least expect them by John Lorinc
Getting to know the world’s only flying mammal by Dan Schneider and Peter Pautler
Nelson (Nels) Maher; how to be a volunteer for nature; Ontario Nature’s anniversary year events

Ontario’s Endangered Species Act affords little protection for the species that need it most by Wendy Francis
More and more research is shedding light on a dirty issue: the connection between air quality and a host of respiratory health problems.Our most vulnerable? Children by Sarah Scott
The best places for conservation with kids by Lisa Keller
For years, environmentalists tried to convince the Environmental Protection Agency to ban a suspected carcinogen. Then Scott Mabury made a groundbreaking discovery by Sharon Oosthoek
At Ontario’s EcoSchools, students don’t just learn about the environment, they save it too by Bruce Gillespie
On the cover: Children are easily entranced by their fellow creatures—like these three adventurers. But our polluted environment puts kids increasingly at risk for a long list of potential health hazards. Our story begins on page 18. Photograph by David Lorne

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