I loved Julia Zarankin’s cover story, A Breath of Fresh Air. Well-written, thoughtful, and with two important themes that deserve separate articles. One theme is nature every day in the city, wherever you are. Most Canadians live and work in urban areas and we cannot just focus on wild and remote nature. Few people have the privilege of my youth north of Superior, and my means now to travel anywhere. The other is the inherent limitations for many minority groups. Even I am somewhat limited on occasion as a disabled person, but my privileged circumstances provide more access to nature than many enjoy. This article shows the breadth of the good work that Ontario Nature and ON nature magazine do.

– Chris Robinson, Toronto

I was happy to see the cover of the Spring 2021 ON Nature issue, as well as the article discussing lack of equity and unequal access to Ontario’s natural spaces. These are important and complex issues and addressing them is a step in the right direction. Thank you!

– Raphaël Beaulieu, Toronto