27 | FON News
FON negotiates for new headquarters; more volunteers sought.

27 | Around Ontario
FON publishes new wetlands pamphlets; FON closes Petrol Point Reserve over intensive use concerns; raptor appeal; No Trespassing booklet.

28 | From Ottawa/Queen’s Park
FON pushes for Atikaki reserve; Point Pelee Master Plan problems; now endangered: Lake Erie island water snake, eastern cougar, West Virginia white butterfly, Small White Lady’s-slipper, piping plover, Eskimo curlew, white pelican, golden eagle; environmental assessment slowly taking hold; pop container regulations.


4 | A Falcon in the House
By T.R. Fitzharris & Rob Cupick

8 | Beautiful, Bountiful Berries
By Patricia Franks

14 | Spirals: Basic Pattern of Life
By Arthur M. Timms

18 | Pages From a Spring Night Diary
By Susan & John Shaw

Photos © John Shaw, T.R. Fitzharris, Cynthia Chalk

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