Hiker connecting with the forest

Re: When Nature Calls

I noticed in the picture on page 18 & 19 “When Nature Calls” in the Fall 2018 issue that it looks like the hiker is carrying a single-use plastic water bottle in her backpack. This may be getting picky, but it does not send the right message. I imagine it was an oversight, but I noticed it right away and took exception to it, so probably other people did too! We need to discourage the use of single-use plastics and encourage reusable containers, even in pictures in publications. Please know that we do enjoy your publication very much and find it educational, but it’s time for everyone to speak up so that change will happen!

Be a Zero Hero:
* Refuse what you don’t want.
* Reduce what you consume.
* Reusable vs single-use.
* Repair when possible.
* Reuse by buying second-hand.
* Recycle and compost what remains

Laura Weihs
Georgetown, Ontario