30 | Bird Report
Spring 1977.
By Clive E. Goodwin

31 | FON News
New posting for Clive Goodwin.

31 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
FON seeks hydro route realignment to protect Virginia White Butterfly; Great Lakes water quality; threatened fishes; St Lawrence Islands park.

34 | Around Ontario
Polar Bear Provincial Park; rare Small Whorled Pogonia; Atikaki; Frontenac Park; Killarney Park; Lake Superior Park; Elora Gorge battle continues.


4 | Agawa — The River and the Forest
By Dennis Kuch

12 | Pieces of Green
A regional policy to protect remnant natural areas.
By G.R. Francis

20 | Drollery
By T.M. Shortt

24 | Breakfast for Birds
By Timothy Fitzharris

Photos © Dennis Kuch, John Shaw, C.W. Perkins

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