American white pelican flying in for a landing


5 | This issue
The people spoke.
By Caroline Schultz

7 | Earth Watch
Monitoring Ontario’s snakes, Preventing Lyme, A new bat guide, The benefits of fire, And more…

36 |Our Member Groups  
Spring is for the birds.
By Lisa Richardson

37 | Our Community  
Trees of life.
By Danielle Duchin

38 | Last Word
Closing the loop on forest protection.
By Anne Bell


On the cover
18 | When Plants Attack
Carnivorous plants have developed ingenious adaptations to extract from insects what their nutrient-poor habitats do not provide.
By Allan Britnell

24 | The Fisher King
After being harassed and poisoned with pesticides nearly to extinction, the American white pelican has rebounded. But the majestic bird remains threatened, and even well-meaning human visitors can imperil its recovery.
By Patricia Hluchy

30 | Drowning in Plastic
From pellets to foam to synthetic fibres, plastic waste is threatening many Ontario species that rely on lakes and rivers. it is high time we clean up our act.
By Conor Mihell

Photos © Manjith Kainickara, Scott Fairbairn, AdobeStock