Taddle Creek, 1928, credit: Arthur Goss, courtesy Toronto History CC BY-2.0

Re: “A river runs through it” in ON Nature, fall 2014

When I was taking night courses at the University of Toronto in the early 60s, I took a birding course with Professor Baillie. To get to this and my other courses, I rode the subway from Etobicoke, got off at St. George station, crossed Bloor Street and walked down the Taddle Creek path to campus. Baillie often talked about the buried stream under this path and the fact that birds still used this corridor as a migration route. I have lived near Philadelphia since 1984 and have not visited the Taddle Creek path area since then, but my brother who lives in Toronto tells me that it still exists.

I thoroughly enjoy every issue of ON Nature, and place it in the reading lounge of the seniors’ residence where I live. There are a couple of other Canadians who live here and who enjoy the magazine as much as I do.

– Sylvia Parker, Philadelphia