46 | FON News
FON spring trips.

47 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
FON challenges new minister to move swiftly; citizen prosecution of industrial polluters; FON asks Hydro for firm lighting policy; FON seeks amendment to “dangerous” flood policy.

48 | Around Ontario
Algonquin: outboard action finally?; Hydro to be rerouted around habitat of endangered Virginia White butterfly; province urged to curtail riverdriving; Petroglyphs master plan adopted; Esker Lakes park in planning; Madawaska river area reserved for park; Carter Bay’s future is uncertain.


4 | Tell me… What good is a mosquito anyway?
By David Barr

8 | Insects for the Table
By Anker Odum

14 | Insect Reports
By Paul Catling and H.V. Danks

16 | Benevolent Harvest: The Life of Insects on Plants
By Joseph D. Shorthouse

24 | Giant Silk Moths
By Helen Sutton

32 | Adventure of an Insect Photographer
By W. Aubrey Crich

40 | The Streamlined World of Freshwater Insects
By Brent Beam

Photos © W.R. Crich

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