25 | FON News
Indemnity fund tops $5,000.

27 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
Floodplain policy reduces area protected; Petty Trespass Act should change allow owners to ban hunting; government doesn’t act on refillable pop container law; Pukaskwa National Park plan; waterfowl hunting in Point Pelee National Park; identifying endangered fishes.

32 | Around Ontario
Saving the Niagara Escarpment?; Niagara sludge pond vetoed; Sandbanks Provincial Park policy.

36 | Bird Report
Autumn 1977.
By Clive E. Goodwin


4 | Season of the Black Bear
By George B. Kolenosky

12 | Foundling Owls: At Risk?
By Kay McKeever

18 | Trees: Saving the Gene Pool
By Monte Hummel

Photos © Bill Lowry, Robert Carr

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