31 | FON News
Queen’s university offering field identification course; Petrel Point boardwalk project.

32 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
MNR exempt from Environmental Assessment Act when controlling nuisance species; pollutant spills legislation improved; illegal hunting in parks revealed; Point Pelee planning continues; restrictions on trade of Canadian plants announced.

35 | Around Ontario
Motorboats banned in Quetico, South Grey and Brant Counties Environmentally Sensitive Areas studies published; PCB problems; Algonquin plan under review; deadly rain.

38 | Bird Report
Birds last fall.
By Clive E. Goodwin


On the cover
4 | The Controversial Wolverine
Spooky, diabolical, and cunning: Fact or Fiction?
By Mary Mastin

10 | On the Fifth Day of Birding…
The numbers game, and how we can better get together.
By Wm. C. Mansell

16 | Those Crazy Taxonomists
And why politicians should sport dandelions in their lapels.
By Arthur Holbrook

20 | Red-head
The sartorially splendid woodpecker with the big appetite.
By Peter Reschke

24 | Nymph of Sparkling Waters
The stonefly’s two lives are like Cinderella in reverse.
By W. Aubrey Crich

Photos © Robert Pow, Vic Crich, Timothy Fitzharris

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