52 | Annual Conference Report
Held in Toronto. Conservation winners. Photo contest winners. Resolutions.

55 | FON News
Action conference on acid rain; Birding in Toronto.

56 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
Trespass proposal white paper; parks master plan delayed; tougher water protection policies; progress in national parks; Parks Canada policy approved.

60 | Bird Report
Birds of last winter.
By Clive E. Goodwin


On the cover
4 | Marsh Tapestry
The weaving begins in the water.
By Susan Shaw

10 | Wetland Panorama
A watery web in time and space.
By John H. Sparling

18 | Battles for Wetlands
Rattray Marsh: A Pyrrhic victory?; Second March: Flowers gratefully declined; Minesing Swamp: National heritage.
By Ed Hanna, Jack Collins, and Rysa Hanna

29 | Wetland Primer
Illustrated guide to the basic wetland types.

35 | Wetland$…
For value received.
By Douglas Hoffman

38 | Shrinking Wetlands
What you can do.
By Ron Reid

42 | FON’s Wetland Policy
Plus the major wetlands of outstanding interest.

43 | What’s Happening with Wetlands
News on wetlands around Ontario.
By Ron Reid

46 | Cool… Clear… Water
Forays into the underwater world.
By David Barr

Photos © S.J. Krasemann, Denis Rupert, John Shaw

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