8 | Earth Watch
Conflict over mining in Temagami; farms seek hunt on sandhill cranes; Omnibus Bill allows sale of Conservation Authority land; Cedar Point proposal goes to OMB; Bill 20 soft on protecting environment; the Morris Tract may yet be saved.

31 | Birder’s Notebook
Peregrine numbers soar.
By Nancy Mahony

41 | Insider
Board sets goals for next 5 years; 32,000 envelopes later; happy trails; bylaw change.

46 | Reflections
Simply walking.
By Mark Stabb


16 | Loved to Death
The wood turtle may be doomed by its own colourful appearance and lively personality.
By David Seburn

22 | Farming with Nature
Thanks to an innovative project, farmers and naturalists are reaping benefits for both agriculture and wildlife.
By Dan Schneider

On the cover
26 | The Many Faces of Minesing
Three routes provide three distinctly different experiences of this world-class wetland.
By Brad Cundiff

Seasons spring 1996 full issue

Photos © Gregory K. Scott, Willy Waterton, Robert McCaw

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