8 | Earth Watch
MNR—then and now; Red Cloud Cemetery saves virgin prairie habitat; woodlot tax-rebate program restored; hydro proposal still threatens Kam River.

35 | Insider
FON’s Dorcas Bay Nature Reserve sold to Parks Canada; building a boardwalk at Petrel Point Nature Reserve; we have a web site.

38 | Reflections
The envoy.
By Michael Valpy


On the cover
14 | Poor Sport
The hunting of bears over bait and in spring, when mothers and cubs are most vulnerable, violates the laws of both conservation and ethics. Now the public is finally saying stop.
By Catherine Collins

22 | Calls of the Marsh
Naturalists are turning out in droves to monitor birds and frogs in Great Lakes wetlands. But monitoring is more than a fun way to keep tabs on local marshes, it’s a vital step in restoring their health.
By Margaret Carney

27 | Storm in a Teacup
The passionate life of the antler fly.
By Russell Bonduriansky

Seasons summer 1996 full issue

Photos © Jim Flynn, Robert McCaw, Joseph Salina

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