4 | Earth Watch
Global picture looks grim in 2000; progress on acid rain; hydro clean-up program means more nuclear; Ontario election means new faces; Ontario Wetlands Conference to study policy; national park plans show improvement; Lady Evelyn wilderness wanted by loggers; the economics of parks; peat mining injurious to wetlands.

10 | Notes
Speak up for the escarpment; good home for old books; environmentally sensitive area designations.

44 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Ontario breeding bird atlas; Ontario lakes loon survey.

46 | Groundswell
The CO2 Blues.
By Ron Reid


On the cover
14 | The Garbage Wasps
It may be small comfort, but understanding the wasp’s lifestyle can help you cope with their recent explosion on the summer scene.
By David & Norma Barr

16 | Out of Fuel in the N.W.T.
Befriending an exhausted wasp is not your usual Good Samaritan fare. Here’s a man who did, and emerged unstung to tell the tale.
By J. David Henry

21 | Ogoki-Albany: A Classic Case of Wilderness
Once again, naturalists tackle the pulp and paper industry to preserve a valuable wilderness. Government is the final arbiter.
By Ron Reid

26 | Caribou Country
That the graceful woodland caribou still roams our province’s undisturbed northland enriches the natural heritage of Ontarians.
By H.G. Cumming

31 | Perceptions of a ‘Wildland Winter’
How one young family rejected the demands, and comforts, of civilized life for the inner peace of living in the wild.
By Joel & Mary Crookham

39 | Fieldfare Fanfare
Unable to share the location of a rare bird, a beleaguered birder wryly accounts running afoul of the birdwatcher hot-line.
By Barry Kent MacKay

Seasons summer 1981 full issue

Photos © Bruce Hyer, Wim Smits, W. Aubrey Crich

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