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Death By The Numbers

Feral domestic cat in Toronto

Re: Death by the numbers, ON Nature Winter 2013 One of my social websites carried a petition against South Stormont Township, attacking a “Cat By-law”  and claiming to have already more than 12,000 signatures. They seem to especially want people to keep feeding feral cats. I am an old guy, a nature lover; supporter of several environmental […]

ON Nature Magazine Winter 2013

ON Nature Magazine Winter 2013

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This IssueTo sleep or not to sleep.By Caroline Schultz 6 | Earth WatchThe right to nature; surveying the wild harvest; growing threat to the Attawapiskat River; bringing savanna back to Ontario; the quintessential Canadian experience; lawsuit launched to protect Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. 35 | Our Member Groups  Nature Network nearing 150 groups. […]