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Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes

small island, cottage, water levels

As a Director and Aquatic Ecologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (now retired), I had the pleasure of working with many people engaged in sustaining and restoring Great Lakes ecology. Managing water levels through bi-national boards is a complex ‘industry’. Historically, Great Lakes water levels have been impinged to support bi-national interests in hydroelectricity and […]

Fall 2020

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue The case for protected places.By Caroline Schultz 7 | Earth Watch Youth Summit goes virtual, Bog at risk, Land-use policy news, Photo contest winners, Mer Bleue bog, natural burials And more… 38 | Last Word Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID By Victor Doyle 37 | Our Community   Awards Celebrate Nature Heroes […]

Seasons magazine Winter 1992

Seasons magazine Winter 1992

DEPARTMENTS 2 | President’s Page Are we meddling or making amends? By John Cartwright 7 | Earth Watch Wetlands implementation guidelines fall short; mini-Sewell document from MMA; mixed reviews of “New Planning News”; draft evaluation system scores low; timber operators decline along with white pine; beetle biocontrol is closer; old growth advisory focuses on consumption; […]