2 | President’s Page
Are we meddling or making amends?
By John Cartwright

7 | Earth Watch
Wetlands implementation guidelines fall short; mini-Sewell document from MMA; mixed reviews of “New Planning News”; draft evaluation system scores low; timber operators decline along with white pine; beetle biocontrol is closer; old growth advisory focuses on consumption; dog-trialing compounds: demand a ban; Amherst alliance: impoundment of wetland on hold; forest policy panel: a progress report.

42 | Notes
Petrel Point boardwalk extended; help our nature reserves.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
The hand that feeds: Do we help or hurt?
By Erica M. Dunn

46 | Groundswell
The care and feeding of parks.
By Marion Taylor


16 | Wings of Winter
When the snow flies, so does a wondrous multitude of birds to the Niagara River and Gorge.
By Stan Long

20 | Turtle Diary
In an epic study on a much-neglected animal, Ron Brooks is learning the facts of life – and death – about Algonquin Park turtles.
By Lorraine Brown

24 | The Miracle Workers
Can restoration ecologists bring degraded ecosystems back to their former life?
By Brad Cundiff

On the cover
30 | A Skywatcher’s Tips on the Total Eclipse
Shedding light on the dark of the moon.
By Philip Mozel

Seasons winter 1992 full issue

Photos © Robert McCaw, Keith Morgan

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