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Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes

small island, cottage, water levels

As a Director and Aquatic Ecologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (now retired), I had the pleasure of working with many people engaged in sustaining and restoring Great Lakes ecology. Managing water levels through bi-national boards is a complex ‘industry’. Historically, Great Lakes water levels have been impinged to support bi-national interests in hydroelectricity and […]

Summer 2021 Reflections

Georgian Bay © 2020 Kristina J. Loevenmark

I enjoyed reading the Summer 2021 issue of ON Nature. Two articles in particular caught my eye, primarily because solutions to the problems they presented could perhaps be explored in further issues. I would encourage you to let your readers know about the work done by Watersheds Canada (watersheds.ca). “The Rise and Fall of the […]

Summer 2021

38 | Last Word Protecting Nature on Unceded Lands. By Tom Cowie 36 | Our Member Groups  Saving a Unique Landscape. By Lisa Richardson 37 | Our Community   Celebrating the Life of a Dedicated Birder. By Kirsten Dahl ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural […]

Seasons Magazine Summer 2003

Seasons Magazine Summer 2003

DEPARTMENTS 5 | View from Locke House Saying Goodbye: After five and a half years, it’s time for a new view. By Nancy Clark 8 | Earth Watch Reporting on the OLL; the decline of the goblin fern; species-at-risk list grows; alarming decrease in the number of boreal bird species; profiling bad fish; on the […]