Thank you for your email about Ontario Nature’s nature guides. At age 92 I’m not doing much travelling. But I watch nature in the courtyard of the large private seniors residence where I live. Some of the space is wooded and grassy.

Do your nature guides include information about getting there by public transit? If not, you’re encouraging use of private cars. My family and I gave up our car about thirty years ago in Toronto. We had been walkers, hikers and cyclists. In the nineteen thirties and forties people travelled out of Toronto to holiday destinations such as Muskoka by bus, train and boat. I travelled most weekends from Toronto to Caledon by bus or train to visit my parents. In some travel info distances are shown in hours or minutes – without stating the mode of travel. Is that by bike, foot, oxcart, skateboard or private polluting car!?

– Helen Hansen, Guelph