5 | This Issue
The Collective: Battling climate change together.
By Victoria Foote

8 | Earth Watch
Lonely elm trees; recovery program at risk; outdoor education back from the brink; Brendan Toews; super birder.

34 | Field Trip
Conifers: Giants of the north.
By Dan Schneider and Peter Pautler

44 | Inside Ontario Nature
Year of the volunteer; spotlight on Friends of Algoma East; Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary.

46 | Last Word
Travel Light: Ecotourism could be the answer to the economic woes plaguing northern communities.
By Julee Boan


18 | What the Woods Taught Me
When and what to cut in your woodlot: best strategies for caring for your trees.
By Cecily Ross

On the cover
26 | Raising the Dead
Locally extinct for more than a century, Atlantic salmon once dominated the aquatic food chain in Lake Ontario. Enter genetic researcher Oliver Haddrath who is determined to restore the fish to the lake and reverse the course of history.
By Sharon Oosthoek

30 | A Road Runs Through It
Our parks and supposed to be wilderness sanctuaries, yet trees are logged, waterways are polluted and the trucks keep rolling through. Will the new Provincial Parks Act really put ecological integrity first?
By Conor Mihell

ON Nature winter 2007 full issue

Photos © John Reaume, Lorne Bridgman, Curtis Atwater

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