5 | This Issue
For the Birds: It takes a forest.
By Victoria Foote

8 | Earth Watch
Harnessing a mighty river; one-of-a-kind paw prints; climate watch; bean count: a trip to the drive-through.

40 | Urban Nature
Smart Cars: Car sharing is good for you and the environment.
By Jim MacInnis

44 | Inside Ontario Nature
Our new senior director; spotlight on the Guelph Field Naturalists; learning from our nature reserves.

46 | Last Word
Is local opposition to wind turbines based on concern for wildlife or property values?
By Douglas Hunter


On the cover
18 | A Garden of Rarities
The Ojibway Prairie Complex is the largest, protected tallgrass habitat left in the province. Now this rare ecosystem and its at-risk species are threatened by a multi-million-dollar bridge project.
By Lorraine Johnson

Endangered Ecosystems:

22 | Alvars By Sandra K. Riedel
24 | Carolinian Zone By Lorraine Johnson
26 | Wetlands by Andrea Smith

30 | In an Alien Land
A Volunteer for Nature group explores the otherworldly landscape of Manitoulin Island’s Quarry Bay alvar on one of Ontario Nature’s biggest nature reserves.
By Graeme Stemp-Morlock

34 | The Secret World of Lichen
Close-up photographs reveal the sublime colours and dazzling configurations of one of earth’s oddest life forms.
By Kevan Berg

ON Nature spring 2008 full issue

Photos © Robert McCaw, Kevan Berg

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