32 | FON News
FON slide collection: A plea.

33 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
Acid rain: a national emergency?; pulp and paper cleanup urged; Pukaskwa plan delayed.

36 | Around Ontario
Algonquin plan reviewed; budworm spraying increases; public responds to Lake Superior Plan; Niagara Escarpment update.

44 | Bird Report
Birds last spring.
By Clive E. Goodwin


4 | Golden Arches
There’s more to a rainbow than meets the eye.
By Ron Saytar

9 | One Man’s Celebration
How to rejoice when things look bleak.
By John Livingston

15 | Bird Cafeteria
Plan for crowds and line-ups at your feeder.
By Kathleen Wilson

19 | Fog
When the sky descends and caresses the earth.
By Susan Shaw

26 | Ginkgo: A Native Comes Home
A tree unscathed by pollution and pests.
By James L. Hodgins

Photos © Zile Zichmanis, Vernon Sigi, Ron Saytar

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