4 | President’s Page
By Charles Pryer

5 | Earth Watch
New bear-hunting restrictions don’t go far enough; Kerrio delivers good news at annual conference; Bruce National Park is born; ANSI program receives a boost; new ways for new parks.

11 | Annual Conference
FON’s 56th Annual Conference, held in Port Dover.


On the cover
17 | Great Lakes Special Issue
By Gail Muir, Editor

18 | The Great Lakes in Space and Time
How did these greatest of great lakes come to be here?
By Walter Tovell

24 | An Ecological Stew
Diversity in plant and animal life distinguishes the Great Lakes region.
By Ron Reid

30 | Wandering the Shorelines
Beach, marsh, shorecliff, waterfront—each can stimulate and enrich the shoreline explorer.
By Tom Whillans

35 | An Ecosystem Health Report
The Great Lakes have suffered two centuries of abuse at our hands. Can we right these environmental wrongs?
By Michael Keating

42 | Drinking, Eating and Swimming
What are the hazards of swimming in the Great Lakes, drinking the water and eating the fish?
By Phil Weller

46 | Organized People
Volunteers from all walks of life are working to clean up their own backyard. The “backyard” is the Great Lakes Basin.
By Sally Lerner

50 | Untamed Lakes: Our Fear of the Wild
We yearn to subdue the Great Lakes’ unpredictable ways. But these lakes will not be mastered.
By William Ashworth

56 | Afterword: Ecosystem Integrity
We have irrevocably altered the Great Lakes. What would it mean to restore their integrity?
By Henry Regier

57 | A Great Lakes Directory
A selected list of government bodies and conservation groups working for the improvement of the lakes.

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