4 | President’s Page
By Charles Pryer

5 | Earth Watch
Scarborough votes to preserve the Rouge but valley’s fate rests with province; effects of TBT on marine life: alarming evidence mounting; as dieback hits Ontario’s forests, what is to be done?; forests for tomorrow gears up for hearings; new ways of saving rainforests.

10 | Notes
Wetlands, education programs; seniors for nature; update on FON’s nature reserves; Atlas off and flying.

38 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Seasonal summaries of Bird-watching observations; trumpeter and mute swans.

44 | Groundswell
Equal time, money and effort for non-game species long overdue.
By Marion Strebig


16 | Born to Eat
For shrews, which must feed every few hours or die, life is a perilous race to find the next meal.
By Suzanne Kingsmill

20 | A Little Bit of Atlantic
Can Muskoka’s rare Atlantic coastal plain plants survive the twin pressures of recreation and development?
By Ron Reid

24 | Photo Firsts
A naturalist’s spirits sometimes need revitalizing in the winter months. Rest your eyes on the winners of the 1987 FON Photo Salon.

28 | On the Edge of an Inland Sea
Pukaskwa’s Coastal Hiking Trial follows Superior’s shoreline, where backpackers can get a taste of true wilderness.
By S.R. Gage

32 | Shrike Strike
Naturalists get to know Ontario’s loggerhead shrikes, the last population of note left in northeastern North America.
By Mike Cadman

Seasons winter 1987 full issue

Photos © Thom Sunega, S.R. Gage, Robert McCaw

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