5 | View from Locke House
Canoe trip: How my four-year-old weathered two days of rain in Bon Echo.
By Nancy Clark

8 | Earth Watch
Site protects rare species; tracking turtle smugglers; keeping mosquitoes away naturally; Canada fails to protect nests; turn off your car engines; Ontario curriculum not green enough; lawn pesticide restrictions; smart growth campaign.

15 | The Seasoned Pro
The bird that got away: Birder Alan Wormington searches for the ivory-billed woodpecker.
By Sharon Oosthoek

38 | Field Trip
Dragonflies: Do you know your damsels, dragons and nymphs?
By Nancy Clark

41 | Day One
Caved in: Exploring the crevice caves of Niagara Escarpment.
By Doug Van Hemessen

44 | FON Report
Take a hike on Pelee Island; art donations help nature

46 | Endpoint
How personal watercraft destroy our solitude.
By Kevin Callan


18 | Camp Around the Clock
24 hours in the natural life of our campsite.
By Nancy Clark and Mick Coulas

24 | History lessons
For more that a century, Ontario’s provincial parks have accommodated both people and nature. The balancing act continues.
By Karen Fulcher

26 | Poetry In Nature
Winning entries from Seasons’ Nature Poetry Contest.

On the cover
30 | Ontario’s Top 15 Hikes for Kids
Take your tykes on a grand adventure down one of these trails.
By Rosanna Tamburri

Seasons summer 2002 full issue

Photos © Ethan Meleg, Algonquin Park Museum archives, Robert McCaw

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