5 | This issue
A dull roar.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
BioBlitz challenge; disappearing turtles; neonics fight continues;
Picturing Protection photo contest winners.

36 | Member Groups  
Nature Network flourishes in the east.
By Lisa Richardson

37 | Our Community  
Conservation heroes recognized.
By Jaklynn Nimec

38 | Last Word
Forestry laggards’ denial tactics delaying protection.
By Julee Boan


On the cover
18 | When nature calls
Noise pollution negatively impacts wildlife by interfering with communication, reproduction and habitat. What will it take to make humans keep it down?
By Ray Ford

24 | Birds of a feather
An avian novice attends the Carden Challenge birding festival to observe bird fanatics in their natural habitat.
By Dawn Calleja

30 | Northern haven
A diverse group of activists is fighting to keep the Farabout Peninsula, an unspoiled refuge for biodiversity, safe from loggers’ saws.
By Conor Mihell

Photos © Lydia Dotto, Nicole Beaulac, John Reaume