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Re: “Under the gun“, (Feature, Spring 2016)

Am writing from Grey Bruce – home of a unique variation on Black Bears – and so read with interest, the piece by Conor re:  Under the Gun.

I attempted to find the Ted Talk (2013) that he spoke about toward the end of the article – but couldn’t find it?

Can you ask the writer to send me the link to that TED Talk —as I have some thick-headed hunter neighbours I would like to share it with.

Thanks and keep up the great writing in the ON NATURE!

Ps..love the piece on the Sydenham River (although confused at first b/c we have a massive Sydenham River here in Georgian Bluffs township that spills gloriously chilled and un-polluted water into Georgian Bay).  Come and do a comparison story on OUR Sydenham river soon!

-Beth Anne Currie, Kemble, ON

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