30 | FON News
Bluebird conservation project.

31 | From Ottawa
Muskoxen to be re-established in Siberia; strong action planned on Quebec pollution; Great Lakes Water Quality report; polar bear conservation.

34 | Around the Province
Upper Great Lakes atmospheric deposition study; spill response team; tougher approach to Pulp & Paper industry; master plans; non-refillable can update.


4 | The Right to (Take) Life
By John A. Livingston

10 | Trek to Survival — The Walking Fern
By Leslie P. Nyman & David A. Marchand

14 | The Snowshoe Hare
By Mary Mastin

20 | Hiking Ontario’s Trails
By Ellis Roddick

Ontario Naturalist March 1975 full issue

Photos © Vic Crich, Ellis Roddick, David A. Gray

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