32 | FON News
The Pickering Airport.

35 | From Ottawa
National parks; new flood control policy.

38 | Around the Province
Non-refillable can and bottle update; parks council begins hearings, Blackstone Harbour Provincial Park; mercury pollution; Fisher Harbour proposal; Caledon official plan in preparation.


4 | Ontario’s Endangered Butterfly
By Darryl Stewart

10 | An Ecological Approach to Roadside Vegetation Management
By Richard Phillips & David Euler

14 | The Missinaibi River
By Margaret MacMillan

14 | Birds, Mostly Last Fall
By Clive E. Goodwin

16 | Ginseng — Native Plant Now Rare
By Katherine M. Lindsay & James E. Cruise

20 | Grasshoppers and Other Jumpers
By David Barr

Ontario Naturalist June 1975 full issue

Photos © Paul Catling, John Shaw

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