32 | FON News
Annual Meeting Report: FON Resolutions, conservation winners.

36 | Nature Photography
By Elaine Edwards

38 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
New Brunswick spraying kills millions of songbirds; modest gains for Great Lake waters cleanup; St. Lawrence Islands expansion controversial.

40 | Around Ontario
Rondeau classified as Natural Environment Park; Second Marsh faces crucial hearing.

44 | Bird Report
By Clive E. Goodwin


4 | Sins of Emission
By A.P. Grima

14 | Give a Fig – The Wasp Does
By Dale A. Russell

On the cover
18 | Thistlebirds
By Pat Weese

20 | Ontario’s Endangered Orchids
By Paul M. Catling & R. Emerson Whiting

Ontario Naturalist May 1976 full issue

Photos © D. Gunn, Shirley Clemmer, Robert Carr

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