26 | FON News
Province stalling on Environmental Assessment Act; Massasauga rattlesnake study.

28 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa
Questions about Wabigoon River proposal; new wetland classification available; rare or endangered plant lists being developed; Grasslands National Park clears a hurdle.

30 | Around Ontario
Monstrous sludge pond seen as “Trial Balloon”; FON assists sensitive area research; Elora Gorge — we lose; Manitoulin study — FON continues work; sand-sucking to end near Point Pelee.

35 | Bird Report
By Clive E. Goodwin


4 | Birding with Noah
By Wm. C. Mansell

8 | On Standing
By John Swaigen

14 | The Bird Killers
By Peter Whelan

17 | Galapagos — The Enchanted Isles
By John Wilson & Jane Hall

Ontario Naturalist September 1976 full issue

Photos © Bob Kebic, Robert Carr

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