5 | This issue
Listening to butterflies: Experts can’t pinpoint exactly why butterfly populations are shifting but it should give us pause.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
The reptile and amphibian atlas goes mobile; free-ranging cats run amok; introducing Sauble Dunes Nature Reserve; local food promotion in the north; Rouge Park BioBlitz.

35 | Our Member Groups  
Standing guard for Thunder Bay.

37 | Ontario Nature Champions  
A community with benefits.

38 | Last Word
The danger of exemptions.
By Anne Bell


16 | A dirty business
Residents of Oxford County are fighting a proposed landfill in a quarry near their community and protected areas full of endangered wildlife. 
By Ian Merringer

On the cover
22 | All aflutter
Butterflies are expanding their traditional ranges and using new host plants. That may sound like good news but it has scientists worried.
By Lorraine Johnson

28 | A perilous journey
Dozens of dams bar the path of the globe-trotting American eel. Now, Ontario scientists are helping the endangered fish make their way home.
By Ray Ford 

Photos © Sally Harvey, Ron Erwin, John Reaume