5 | This issue
Fool’s gold: Under the guide of efficiency and streamlining the government tarnished the Endangered Species Act.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Safer roads for wildlife; going mobile with the new reptile and amphibian app; cutting on private woodlots; the plight of the monarch; top two nature photos; Pickering Airport now.

35 | Our Member Groups  
Naturalists score big-win; Precedent-setting decision protects Ostrander Point.

37 | Our Community
Conservation chaps feted.
By John Urquhart

38 | Last Word
Inconvenient science.
By Justina Ray


On the cover
24 | Trouble on the range
A deal between industry and environmental groups promised to protect woodland caribou habitat. Now the truce is strained by the actions of a company greens say need to see the forest and the trees.
By Ray Ford

24 | Mercury rising
What climate change will mean for Ontario’s landscapes and wildlife—and what we can do now to prepare for the future.
By Allan Britnell

32 | The other missing bees
Public fretting over troubled honey bees colonies may be diverting vital conservation attention away from a deepening crisis facing their wild cousins—the bumble bees. For the rusty-patched bumble bee, it may already be too late.
By Peter Christie 

Photos ©  Shutterstock, Paul Tessier, Robert McCaw