When I read on your website timeline that you were responsible for changing Young Naturalist to Owl Magazine – I just had to get in touch! As a child in the 1070’s I was a subscriber to Owl for years and loved it (Who didn’t love the Mighty Mites?)!!

In a time with no Internet and only two TV channels, it was my lifeline to the world. I am so grateful for that magazine as it helped fuel and further my passion for nature. I grew up in Pembroke, but spent every summer with my family in northeastern Georgian Bay on a remote rocky island, immersed in nature and its endangered species including our beloved Blanding’s turtle and Massasauga rattlesnake.  

Poetry is one way I give back for a lifetime of incredible beauty and peace in Canada’s wilderness. Please accept the two samples of my poetry and one of my photos of the Ontario landscape I so love. Best wishes to you for a spectacular Autumn!

– Kristina Loevenmark, Deep River

Georgian Bay

You are the place I call my home
Windswept pine and glacier-formed stone.
Your waters gleam in the light of the sun
For spending my time you’re the only one.
I’ve watched you change and seen you grow
Rain-slick rock and trees laden with snow.
Hiked your shores and paddled your bays
Grown amidst your wilderness and learned your ways.
Your secrets I could never know
Call of the loon; squawk of the crow.
Enchanting sunsets; dancing Northern Lights
Calm before the storm and moonlit nights.
You release your power when you choose
All attempts to rule you surely must lose.
My awe at your ruggedness will forever be
The mystery that sets my heart free.

© 2020 Kristina J. Loevenmark

Crystal Forest

Hidden away
At the end
Of a lake
Lies a crystal forest
If you are patient
And still as a mole
You may hear its chimes
Tinkling in the winter breeze
When afternoon sun rays
Are scattered across the lake
You may catch
A glimpse
Of the crystal forest
Shimmering and sparkling
Like a grand ice palace
In days of yore
If you have the fortune
To step inside this
Enchanted world
You just might find
Moss-tinged branches
Sleeping blossoms
And sinewy cattail stalks
All wrapped in a dazzling
Transparent coat of
glittering crystals
Mended by ice fairies
Under a full moon
It is here
In this magical place
That I
Will be waiting

© 2020 Kristina J. Loevenmark