We should not be happy that Energy East was cancelled. We will use the same amount of oil either way, except now we will support some foreign dictators with terrible environmental controls in their country, have the risk of tanker accidents and possibly killing whales, rail road accidents, etc.

New pipeline technology has made the pipelines very safe. They are made of more durable, thicker, material; welds and coating are better; technology to raise the alarm if a spill happens is much quicker and better; etc. It is much safer than any other means of transporting oil. And we will still be using the same amount, so it will come at more risk to the environment.

I also prefer to support our own country, our own Alberta. It is a terrible slap in the face to them. We already have a problem of western alienation. What will be better for the environment is a cheaper form of clean energy, to get us off of oil. Economics determine what type of energy and how much we use. Nuclear is very good and clean and safe, but we need more types.

We need to stop the farce of shallow thinking, that a local pipeline stopped is good for the environment. It is bad for it and us. If we want to do something real we can get behind all forms of technology for energy saving and/or clean energy that is cost effective to have a lasting solution.

– Lloyd Hollbrook