5 | This issue
Fostering community conservation.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Great Lakes grasshopper; engaging northern citizen scientists; another successful summit; a new wetland guide; Master Naturalists program expands.

36 | Our Member Groups  
Habitat corridors protect Hamilton’s pollinators.
By Lisa Richardson

37 | Our Community  
A legacy of dedication to nature.
By Kirsten Dahl

38 | Last Word
Lessons from the orchid theft.
By Anne Bell and Larry McDermott


18 | Playing for Keeps
The grassroots land trust movement is trying to keep rapidly dwindling natural spaces safe for wildlife.
By Conor Mihell

On the cover
24 | The Way of the Badger
Ontario’s endangered badger is getting a boost from a program that rewards farmers for expanding the creature’s habitat.
By Allan Britnell

30 | Killer Weed
Many people see phragmites as a pretty grass. To native wildlife and plants, however, it is a deadly pushy invader. But are efforts to eradicate it worse than the problem?
By Brad Badelt

Photos © Christian Autotte, Mike Bryan, Robert Harding