4 |  Letters

5 |  In This Issue

6 | Earth Watch
Clearcuts in Algoma; expanding Woodland Caribou Park and protecting Algonquin wolves.

15 |This Season  
Veteran trappers, Bucky and Dale Olivier, give their take on Lands for Life.
By Doug Bell

40 | Insider  
Behind the scenes at FON.

54 | Things To Do
Prospecting for wilderness.
By Bruce Petersen


FEATURES – Lands for Life

old growth forest, Last of the Giants, Seasons, Spring 1998

18 | 37 Million Hectares Today. Gone Tomorrow?
Ontario’s mammoth Land for Life process may be our last chance to save Ontario’s forests from the ax?
By Ron Reid

On the cover
24 | Last of the Giants
Capturing a rare breed: old-growth forests a photo essay by Ron Erwin.
A photo essay by Ron Erwin

30 | All Roads Lead to Killarney…
Where it’s profitable not to cut down the trees.
By Brad Cundiff

34 | Footsteps on the Tundra
A journey to the alien land of Polar Bear Park.
By Moira Farr

Photos © Ron Erwin

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