Kayak on Georgian Bay, Seasons, Summer 1998


5 |In This Issue  
Summer vacation and the living is, well…
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earthwatch
Vanishing leopard frogs; close-proximity birding; Conservation Authority woodlot logged?

16 | Letters 

17 |This Season  
Can golf courses turn green by going brown?
By Victoria Foote

33 | Insider  
Behind the scenes at FON.

41 | FON Trips & Talks  

46 | Reflections
Two old growths, a secret path and a primeval forest.
By Dan Clements



Local Heroes, Seasons, Summer 1998,
On the cover
20 | Spirit Island
Sacred to the Algonquins, beloved of residents, Manitoulin offers a host of natural delights.
By Judith Jones

23 | How much is too much development?
Conserving the island’s wild places?
By Judith Jones

26 | Wind, Rock and Water
Kayaking the North Channel.
By John Lorinc

30 | Local Heroes
How three ordinary folks have greened their corners of Ontario.
By Nancy Clark and Joe Valvasori

Photos © Ron Erwin

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