2 | President’s Page
Tomorrow’s conservationists.
By Mary Smith

7 | Earth Watch
Changes to game and fish act unveiled; forest plan proposes cuts next to six parks; deer cull at Rondeau postponed; plan for Turtle River Park lacks protection; Algonquin Park fishing agreement under way; National Parks policy gets an overhaul; Sewell planning commission releases goals; huge extension proposed for Polar Bear Park; pinning our hopes on sunflowers; a vision of our forests for the future.

41 | Notes
Bat survey workshops; snake research; get ready for Arbor Week.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
Loggerhead Shrikes: Grasslands wanted.
By Mike Cadman

46 | Groundswell
Political will is what the environment needs now.
By Marion Taylor


16 | Bargaining Away Algonquin
Naturalists question why Ontario’s flagship park was a bargaining chip in native land-claim negotiations.
By Brad Cundiff

20 | Street-Smart Plants
Urban wild plants—call them weeds, if you will—show ingenious survival techniques for thriving in the city.
By Sandra K. Riedel

On the cover
26 | At a Porcupine’s Pace
The sedentary porcupine can teach us a lot about the forest, other mammals, and even ourselves.
By Mark Stabb

30 | Exploring Jordan Valley
This rich natural area is just one of the treasures of the Niagara Peninsula – site of the 1992 Annual Conference.
By Claudia Schaefer

Seasons spring 1992 full issue

Photos © Wilf Schurig, Keith Morgan

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