2 | President’s Page
Looking back over two years.
By Mary Smith

8 | Earth Watch
Ministry cancels gypsy moth spray program; Ontario to promote “desirable” development; proposals threaten Quetico’s future; good and bad news for Oak Ridges Moraine; the challenge of sustainability in Frenchman’s Bay; predators hunted at waterfowl refuge; paving the escarpment is expensive; Queen’s Park goes natural; update on the Superior Forest timber plan; killing peregrine brings $25 fine.

40 | Notes
Partners in Protection program launched; club promotes environmental education; help needed at Crozier Nature Reserve; purple loosestrife inventory; club continues work on arboretum.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
Inventory reveals increase in heron numbers.
By Karen Graham

46 | Groundswell
Sorting fact from rhetoric.
By Marion Taylor


On the cover
16 | Startling Serpents
In conserving the massasauga rattlesnake, researchers are bottling habitat loss as well as the public’s abhorrence of rattlers.
By Kent Prior

22 | Nature Photography: Ethical Questions
How close is too close? What constitutes harassment? Pertinent questions for every viewer of nature.
By Catherine Collins

28 | Ambassadors, Referees and Cops
Ontario’s conservation officers celebrate their centennial and a new role in wildlife conservation.
By Brad Cundiff

32 | The Great Bat Hunt
This summer, the Ontario Mammal Atlas zeros in on bats. Here’s how you can help.
By Lorraine Brown

Seasons summer 1992 full issue

Photos © Parks Canada, Robert McCaw

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