2 | President’s Page
The dilemma of direct mailing.
By John Cartwright

7 | Earth Watch
Join Megasin Lake’s fight for a fair EA; Superior Forest’s TMP needn’t wait for policy; Forest audit confirms FON’s suspicions; Second Marsh returned to City of Oshawa; “No net loss” is no gain for wetland; Wabakimi Park: a second chance to grow?; Rouge Valley: a park only on paper?; hope dwindles for draft Sewell report; developers lobbying to strip NEC’s powers; wetlands guidelines: a sorry conclusion; road runners versus Loggerhead Shrike.

43 | Notes
Help us decide the future of Dorcas Bay.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
The nesting instinct: Why and what birds build.
By Ross James

46 | Groundswell
So much for evolution: MNR resists timber reform.
By Marion Taylor


15 | Unfair Game
Is it right to target animals in the season they raise young? Why naturalists want an end to the spring bear hunt.
By Tim Tiner

20 | Age of Enlightenment
Since the last FON Conference in Ottawa, there’s grown a powerful new appreciation for its local landscapes.
By Daniel F. Brunton

On the cover
24 | Why Butterflies Aren’t Free
The more specialized their habitat, the more trouble they’re in. How we can hurt—or help.
By Brad Cundiff

30 | Not Out of the Woods… Yet
If Algonquin is to last another 100 years, park protection has a long way to go.
By Brad Cundiff

ON Nature Magazine Spring 1993 cover

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