2 | President’s Page
Expanding our view of protection.
By John Cartwright

7 | Earth Watch
Report on Niagara Escarpment plan seriously flawed; timber plan covets prime caribou habitat; wetlands policy already being challenged; how will huge timber cuts affect Quetico.

42 | Notes
Final year of fieldwork for provisional Mammal Atlas; update on Ontario rare breeding bird program; a new project to protect biodiversity in forests; partners in protection program expands; volunteers for seniors.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
Mute Swans: Beauty or the Beast?
By Tim Tiner

46 | Groundswell
Giant Maples once grew here.
By Marion Taylor


16 | Victory at Second Marsh
How a group of “duck lovers” waged a 30-year war for a wetland.
By Margaret Carney

On the cover
20 | A Garden of Rarities: Ontario’s Prairie Heritage
In the race to save our prairies, researchers are turning to the writings of early botanists for information and inspiration.
By Lorraine Brown

26 | Special Places
Provincial nature reserves may be the least-familiar members of the Ontario parks family. Here are four you should get to know.
By Alec Ross

32 | Bringing Life to Artificial Ponds
Many constructed ponds degrade rather than enhance their environment. Here’s how to create a healthy, vibrant pond.
By Brad Cundiff

Seasons summer 1993 full issue

Photos © Judith Browning, James Kamstra

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