5 | View From Locke House
‘Tis the season when familiar creatures, including magazines, are seen in a new light.
By Nancy Clark

8 | Earth Watch
Birding in the Arctic; Algonquin wolves safe for now; reptiles need help; baby bird rescues; trees to brag about; walking in poets’ footsteps.

15 | The Seasoned Pro
STORM’s trooper: Debbe Crandall celebrates the Oak Ridges Moraine victory.
By Cynthia Brouse

46 | Field Trip
The sex life of trees: Is that a male or female specimen in your front yard?
By Henry Kock

49 | Day One
Clearing trails: How to have fun in the Algoma highlands.
By Nancy Clark

52 | FON Report
Take a hike in the Bruce Alvar Reserve; FON’s conference; Volunteer for Nature program.

54 | Endpoint
Why have mining claims been staked in protected areas?
By Paul Leadbitter


On the cover
18 | Enraptored
Get your binoculars ready for the annual spring hawk watch.
By Nancy Clark

24 | Taking Stock
Join a volunteer work crew as they inventory plants in the Kinghurst Forest. Plus how to inventory your woods.
By Rosanna Tamburri

30 | Nice Day for a Drive
With an increase in road construction comes an increase in roadkill, and the decline of many species. Plus wildlife-friendly driving tips.
By Peter Christie

36 | Saving the Moraine
What the conversation victory on the Oak Ridges Moraine means to future land-use planning.
By Gregory Beck and Linda Pim

Seasons spring 2002 full issue

Photos © Robert McCaw

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