5 | View from Locke House
Wilderness with rules.
By Nancy Clark

8 | Earth Watch
That’s one cool rock; barrier-free wilderness; Ouellette’s miscue; natural garden pest controls; Marshfield Woods saved; court supports Grey County group on groundwater extraction; Ontario’s species championed by provincial auditor; outdoor education is endangered.

15 | The Seasoned Pro
Have We Made Progress? Two veterans of Ontario’s conservation battles debate the past 20 years of the movement.
By Ron Reid

On the cover
38 | Field Trip
Wildflowers: A compendium of weird and wonderful facts.
By Richard Aaron

41 | Day One
Birding in the north: A journey in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.
By Paul Grant

44 | FON Report
Attend FON’s conference; Nature volunteers.

46 | Endpoint
Water Way Down: Commercial extractors threaten local water supplies.
By W. H. (Hank) Halliday


18 | Caribou Quest
Collaring an elusive woodland caribou in Ontario’s boreal forest proves to be wet work – but essential to the species’ survival.
By Barbara E.B. Selkirk

24 | Binoculars for Kids
Outfitting your young naturalist? Opt for sturdy, easy-to-use models.
By Rosanna Tamburri

26 | The ABCs of Smart Growth
How can Ontario accommodate a population increase without gobbling up more natural resources? We can follow these proven strategies.
By Linda Pim

32 | And They All Fall Down
Many of our city trees will begin to die off in the next 30 years. What can be done? Plus our 12-step guide to planting a tree.
By Sharon Oosthoek

Seasons spring 2003 full issue

Photos © Tony Beck, Clive Dobson, Christian Autotte

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