7 | Earth Watch
Ontario expands Wabakimi Park to 900,000 hectares; Parks Ontario: putting the pieces back together; wolf/coyote report is seriously flawed; Ontario’s proposed new Endangered Species Act dies.

36 | Insider
Unauthorized fire set at Pelee Reserve; caring for our nature reserves; rare-bird reports now available.

38 | Election Special
With the Ontario election approaching, we ask each party where it stands on natural heritage protection.


On the cover
14 | Flight of the Hummingbird
These aerobatic specials can hover easily as well as fly straight up, down, backward, even upside down. How do they do it?
By Dan Schneider

21 | Peregrines in Sight
This endangered species is breeding again in Ontario, but in what numbers? A mammoth survey this summer will answer that question.
By Margaret Carney

26 | Talking Stock
Every year millions of nonnative fish are planted in Lake Huron to provide sport for anglers. That’s one huge put-and-take fishery.
By Lorraine Brown

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Photos © Cory Trepanier, Wayne Lankinen, Jim Flynn

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