9 | Earth Watch
Westside Marsh: Wetland or quarry?; subdivision threatens Lynde Marsh; still no final word on Wabakimi; 404 extension: road going nowhere?; still timber, not forest, management; Algonquin timber plan revisited.

40 | Insider
Eagerly awaiting our first easement; invasive species brochure in the works.

43 | Birder’s Notebook
Stalking the elusive turkey.
By Lorraine Brown

46 | Groundswell
Grey County fights the bogeyman at Queen’s Park.
By Marion Taylor


On the cover
16 | Hey, Neighbour
Get better acquainted with the toads in town. They’re good neighbours—obliging and very quiet (except for the mating parties).
By Dan Schneider

24 | All about Arums
Jack-in-the-pulpit and its cousins have an arsenal of bizarre adaptations, ranging from sex change to chemical weaponry.
By Brendon Larson

30 | Ladybird, Fly Away Home
More and more gardeners are buying lady beetles and releasing them in their yards. is this a sound practice? Does it work?
By Steve Marshall

Seasons spring 1995 full issue

Photos © Harold V. Green, S. Marshall, Dwight R. Kuhn

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