4 | View from Locke House
Are you afraid of the dark?
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earth Watch
Stand-off on the Oak Ridges Moraine; let’s go frog watching; conservation authorities consider golfing proposals; conservancy buying up Algoma Highlands; Feds to provide some protection for species-at-risk; who will protect Ontario’s species-at-risk?

17 | This season
Young crusader Emily Chatten maintains a balancing act.
By Victoria Foote

49 | Insider
Behind the scenes at FON.

54 | Reflections
Confessions of a frog-napper.
By Adrienne Toews


20 | Whitecaps & Butterflies
Canoeing the Berens River, in Ontario’s northwest, has its ups and downs – not to mention 20 portages.
By Margaret Carney

26 | Westward to Lake Winnipeg
Snapshots of Woodland Caribou Park’s Bloodvein River.
By Ron Reid

On the cover
28 | The Late Show
It’s June in southern Ontario and the night creatures are out.
By Wayne Grady

32 | How Light Pollution Affects Animals
Some nocturnal animals have prospered. Some have not.
By Ian O’Neilly

Seasons summer 2000 full issue

Photos © Margaret Carney, Richie Tripp, Steve Marshall

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