5 | View From Locke House
Why I Love Birds.
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earth Watch
The battle to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine; proposed highway threatens wetlands; remembering a friend of the bluebird; the return of the elk; RCGA drops plans to build in Bronte park; development opposed at Riley Lake; FON registers its first easement.

18 | This Season
Bird healing at the Douglas G. Cockburn Raptor Centre.
By Lori and Ron Erwin

49 | Insider
The FON continues to grow; Newest reserve is wet and wonderful; see you at the AGM; FON launches new website.

54 | Reflections
Essential gear for the well-dressed birder.


On the cover
21 | Spring Birding Special

22 | Spring Migration Guide
By Tim Tiner

24 | 5 Birding Hot Spots
Extraordinary birding sites you must visit.
By Ted Cheskey

30 | Blazed Trail. Went Birding. Played Pool.
A neophyte birdwatcher goes to Pelee Island.
By Tim Falconer

34 | Life on the Fringe
Are edge-of-range birds unique?
By Mark Stabb

36 | e-birding
How the Internet changed ornithology forever.
By Doug Bennet

Seasons spring 2000 full issue

Photos © Ted Cheskey, Robert McCaw

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